Organizational Culture and Change Initiatives

Invite Sheila to guide you in defining, shaping, and managing your organizational culture to achieve positive change. Have her take you through these phases of the program cycle to build your culture of distinction.

The Steps of the Culture of Distinction Program Cycle

Building a Culture of Distinction- Program Cycle

1. Define the Core Culture of your organization

2. Audit for alignment

  • Audit your Practices and Projections to evaluate their alignment with the Core Culture–the Purpose, Philosophy, and Priorities.
  • Calculate your Alignment Index and provide recommendations to improve alignment.

3. Develop a plan to improve alignment

  • Develop a Core Culture Alignment Plan to improve alignment of Practices and Projections with the Core Culture.
  • Set measures to improve alignment.

4. Implement the plan and monitor success

  • Execute the plan to weave the Core Culture principles throughout the organization so everyone lives by the principles that will generate success.