Energize your company by inviting this organizational culture and change expert to speak to your group.

culture speaker Sheila Margolis

Schedule Dr. Sheila Margolis for a keynote speech, lunch-and-learn, or conference session. Sheila is a culture speaker based in Atlanta, serving clients globally.

She will enlighten and inspire your leaders and employees by providing a process to create a meaninfgul and productive workplace.

Begin the process to define and manage organizational culture and lead change.

Have Sheila show you how to use culture to lead organizational change:

  1. Define the Core Culture of your company—define the essence of your culture, the source of your distinction, and the values central to achieving your goals.
  2. Shape your culture to enhance your ability to compete and thrive.
  3. Align your culture with your workplace practices to live the principles that drive success.
  4. Use your company’s culture to increase retention, improve performance, promote engagement, and enhance the bottom line.

Unite your employees around a small, compelling set of principles that drive business success.

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Sheila has given a number of speeches in the areas of defining organizational culture and  managing change. Listed below are some examples.

Using Core Culture to Drive Organizational Change

Learn how to define your organizational core culture and embed change into the culture

To strategically manage culture and change, first, you must define core culture. You will discover how to define the unique principles of your company’s culture that are linked to the organization’s founding and its strategic goals. Uncover the vital why, the distinctive and enduring how, and the strategic how of your culture. Unite employees around the big picture that captures what you stand for and directs the path for delivering business results. Use this process to inspire employees to live by powerful Core Culture principles each and every day.

Understanding Your Organization’s Culture: Tools to Make HR Practices Strategic

Discover how to define your organization’s culture and align HR practices to culture and strategy

Your organization’s hidden asset is culture. It should motivate and drive employees to achieve, produce, and excel. But what is culture and how do you harness its power? Discover innovative and practical tools to define and shape your culture and then align it with your HR practices. Be strategic in how you hire, develop, communicate, and manage performance so that you reinforce the distinctive culture of your organization and position it for success.

Alignment At Last: Practicing the Principles that Drive Performance

Discover how to develop and infuse the purpose and the distinctive and strategic core values throughout your company and achieve organizational alignment using the Five Ps 

Is everyone in the organization practicing the principles critical to your organization’s success? If your company is all about customer service, does everyone deliver great service? In this competitive landscape, organizations cannot afford deficiencies in execution. Discover a way to focus, unify and align everyone in the organization around a few vital core principles. Get everyone on the same page. Use this practical and actionable approach so that your organization delivers on its promises and excels.

Additional speaking topics are listed at this link. If you are looking for a culture speaker, contact Sheila at this link.